Things must to know before landing in London for trip

We all know that how difficult it can be at times travelling to new places if proper study of the destination is not done as every country has different set of rules and regulations that are mandatory to be followed. Also how painful can be touring to new place if not having complete and precise information.  Here are the things every voyager must be aware of while being on the excursion of London City.

  • Maps – Don’t forget to carry maps with you in order to trace the location you are marching towards and in between destinations too to confirm movement in right direction.  You can also procure London train maps and situation of day tours to avoid being getting lost in London.
  • Look towards right – Don’t follow traffic rules of your country as in London drivers drive on right and you too need to turn towards your right while crossing road.
  • Currency – Pounds still rules the transactions in England discarding Euro which is accepted by majority of European country. You needs to be aware of exchange rates as well as be little vigilant while shopping as Heavy vat is imposed in UK on shopping.
  • Shopping Notes – London is said to be shopper’s paradise but being new to place, you must know when to shop and where to shop from.  Avoid shopping on weekends as markets are rushed in by Londoners themselves for local shopping.
  • Language Notes Well UK English rules the conversation and spoken with unique accent. You may have hard time sometime understanding the international language.

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